James Hays

“I love the painting I bought from Jimmer Willmott. It shipped from the UK to the US and arrived quickly and safely packaged. It is one of my favourite paintings I own and I enjoy seeing it every day.”

Nadia Elm

“I fell in love with Jimmer’s artworks the minute I saw them. His unique sense of style is quirky, fun and full of colour. Which reflects his personality. The art I bought a while ago is still hung up in my home and brings so much life so it. Thank...

Laurie-Anne Button

“Jimmers art, is something to make you smile. His vivid use of bright colours such as green and pink and use of objects such as eyes and donuts as objects of personification on every day commodities like money. Let’s you get a very visual picture of what goes on in...


“I like Jimmers art… so I bought a canvas. Ha. Ha. Me draw better than talk and write. Cave Keith!!”

Jack Ashton ( Call The Midwife )

“I approached Jimmer as I’d been a follower of his Instagram and loved his imagination and fantastically unique style. I asked him to paint a famous film scene but to change the characters into pigs for me and the final result was more than I could have hoped for it...